iAkoranga Sign in

  1. Go to https://iakoranga.twoa.ac.nz and click the red  Sign in with Microsoft 365  button
  2. Your student email is your Student ID Number followed by @akonga.twoa.ac.nz

  • Example: 200123456@akonga.twoa.ac.nz
  • Your password format should be as follows:-


    DD-Day of Birth in two digits (add '0' if its a single digit')

    Mmm-First three letters of Month with first letter as capital
    YYYY- Year of birth

If unsure of your password, please see your Kaiako or call IT on 0800 808 789

Common issues

Sometimes iAkoranga will attempt to log in with your personal email address (Outlook.com, Hotmail or Windows Live account) instead of your school account.

To get around this, please try one of the two solutions below:
  1. Log into iAkoranga with a different browser (for example, Firefox)
  2. Log into iAkoranga in a Private or Incognito tab in Chrome (press Ctrl+Shift+N on the keyboard)

If you're still experiencing problems with logging in to iAkoranga, please reply to this email, including any screenshots or error messages, so we can assist you further.